Articles on project: Viking village, The Coombe, Dublin. RTE Research sheds new light on 12th century graffiti History Channel. Dublin Viking Village Graffiti Discovered. Independent. Graffiti among treasure trove of viking artifacts found on dublin… Read More »Articles

T.V. & Film Production

Comprehensive research & development for film and television in all subject areas. ‘Original Concept By Aisling Collins’ and ‘Executive Producer Aisling Collins’ for RTE’s ‘Vogue Williams does Straight A’s’, 2015, Midas Productions. Lead Series Researcher… Read More »T.V. & Film Production

Archaeology Services

We provide all archaeological services. Consultancy and Project Management: We give expert pre-planning advice and recommendations; manage all of your archaeological requirements on site. We provide good value for money and ensure the works are… Read More »Archaeology Services

Archaeology in Schools

ACAS created archaeology modules for schools currently being run in several secondary schools. Aisling Collins is on the heritage council expert heritage list www.heritageinschools.ie We have successfully run interactive and fun archaeology workshops and modules in… Read More »Archaeology in Schools

Specialised Talks

Specialised Talks/Lecture series production As one of the partners of Below the Surface we designed and produced a successful maritime lecture series for the public on board the Jeanie Johnston Tall ship – run over… Read More »Specialised Talks


‘ACAS, Led by the Principle Aisling Collins have collaborated with TOTP Architects on several projects. She brings scholarship, diligence and management skills to bear on archaeological aspects on all of our commissions. We have had… Read More »Testimonials